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  1. motivationOver the past few weeks I have been carrying out various mentoring sessions and there seem to be two recurring problems that keep cropping up that business owners seem to be suffering with, one being their Marketing and the second Motivation.

    If you've ever been in business or are now you will probably relate to this. Lack of motivation can strike at anytime along the way especially when comparing ourselves to our competitors and not concentrating on our own marketing message but how do we get out of it? There is no one to bounce ideas off, or someone to support you and give you the right advice (whether it is right or wrong) and once you start getting de-motivated then it is a very big hole to get out of.

    This is where having a mentoring session or even a few of them can help. Motivation is the biggest investement you can give your business and once you have this it will drive your successes. 

    During May I have been offering discounted mentoring sessions to help people pick themselves up an get their mojo back for only £15 (normally £25) for a one hour session. The session can be carried out face-to-face within the Warwickshire area or via Phone/Skype. So does this sound like you? Then email me now on to book! 

    Please note payments need to be completed in May but sessions can be carried out at anytime.

  2. payleven

    payleven is the company working together with small businesses to help them make it big! How are they doing this? Well, payleven  offer a service with which you can take card payments via mobile; with no monthly fees and no contract! payleven were the first company to enter the market with the advanced technology to allow your smartphone to connect via Bluetooth to a Chip&PIN device. It is 100% safe, fully corresponding to Level 2 EMV and PCI PTS 3.1 safety regulations, and best of all there is no contract, no monthly fees and no hefty device price! Simply pay 2.75% per transaction and get paid anytime, anywhere. 

    The device costs £59.99 and can be purchased through Educate business by clicking here.

    Why should you take card payments?

    Since 2010 it has been increasingly announced in the UK media that card payments are overtaking cash payments on the average UK high street. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that customers expect to pay by card when they enter a business (no matter what kind). This means that many small business owners want to keep up with this trend! However, often traditional card readers are backed with lengthy contracts, hefty fees and a whole load of hassle

    Many merchants don’t want to take card payments for exactly this reason, and this could be very detrimental to business. Behavioural psychologists have recently found that customers spend more when paying by credit card than they do when paying with cash; because they are not directly dealing with the significance of their purchase on the spot.

    Therefore, by denying themselves the opportunity to take card payments, many merchants are not giving their businesses the chance to expand to their full potential.

    How does it work?

    You simply buy a device through educate business, for the small price of £59.99 and download the payleven app onto your smartphone. You have to pair the device to your phone via Bluetooth (which is a secure encryption). Once your smartphone and the device are connected, you simply enter the amount due, ask your customer to insert their card and PIN into the Chip&PIN device, and then transaction will be processed. You can even choose to send your customers a transaction receipt via email, or print it out then and there.

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more, visit our website

Registered office address: Educate Business Ltd, Abbey House, Manor Road, Coventry CV1 2FW. Company Number: 8199030
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