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Posted on 11:18am Monday 19th Nov 2012

So with only 36 sleeps until Christmas, I have already started my Christmas shopping and bought quite a few bits. Where I can I am trying to support small businesses and buy from them so I thought I would share with you a few of my recent lovely purchases.

isabels atticLast week I bought some a lovely wooden lantern tealight holder from Isables Attic. And such a great gift for only £5 plus postage!

I also bought some personalised candles from Peacock Candles, which are so lovely and you can even have a message on the back of them. I bought a couple of the lovely reindeer ones which were only £3 each plus postage.peacocks candles










If you have found a lovely gift from a small business then let me know over on my Facebook page here.

Posted on 11:53am Wednesday 17th Oct 2012

It has been a while since I blogged about my pledge to small businesses but I have been sticking to it and using small businesses wherever I can from buying food to buying presents.

A few weeks ago I was trying to find a florist in Dorset so posted it in our Dorset networking mummies Facebook group as I wanted to use a small business so I was really pleased when Jayne from the gift basket replied and said she could help deliver some flowers locally for me. It was great to support her and the flowers that arrived was gorgeous.

At the same time I had an upcoming friends birthday coming up and was looking for some present ideas, again wanting to support a small business. It got me thinking as being a director of networking mummies I come across so many great businesses and gift ideas but I can never remember them all or remember to bookmark them. I though wouldn't it be good to have a local business directory in the area that came through your door of all the businesses is the area that you could refer to - especially with the run up to Christmas and it would encourage people to buy local.

With this is mind we rolled the idea out to our branch leaders to see there thoughts. We wanted to make it affordable for businesses to advertise but obviously we needed to cover our costs of printing etc too. We decided on a price of £20 for each business and with an approximate total amount of listings at about 20 to 30. All the branch leaders loved the idea and so we have now started to roll this out.

We are very excited about this project and hope to also continue into the new year with regular 'buy local' directories. If your business is interested in taking part then please click here:


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