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Posted on 12:19pm Thursday 18th Apr 2013
Listed under: Reviews

dinosaur3About a month ago I was really chuffed to receive and email from Butlins saying I had entered one of their competitions on their Facebook page and I had won a Family ticket of 4 to see Walking with Dinoasurs.

My daughter loves Dinosaurs so when I told her she was really excited. We decided to ask one of my friends and her little girl along to see if they wanted to take the other two tickets and last Thursday evening we travelled to the NIA to watch the show. We picked up our tickets at the box office and was pleased to see we have front row tickets by all the action. The show started and it was full of interesting facts and then the dinosaurs started to come out it was brilliant. The kids were amazed at how big they were and how real they looked and sounded.

We had a great time and the kids picked up on loads of interesting facts. My daughter had just found out she was going to be learning about Dinosaurs for this terms topic so she went into the school the next day with loads to share! Thanks Butlins for a great competition prize : )

Posted on 9:42am Wednesday 27th Feb 2013
Listed under: Reviews

ccorneruseThe lovely Louise Lyson from Caterpillar Corner gave my daughter a lovely gift of a crafty sewing box for her to do.

Within the gorgeous box was the items needed to make up a heart shaped filled cushion. Ashleigh really enjoyed the sewing and adding the bits on. It was easy for her to do and she didn't need much help with it apart from she couldn't thread the needle, but I think that was more down to her being impatient! It was a great activity for her to do and I am definately going to purchase one of the Caterpillar Corner's Easter Craft Kit as she always gets too much chocolate for Easter and this is a great alternative gift. See the range on the Facebook page here.

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