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Case Studies

Suparna Dhar - Life's Canvas

suparnaavatarAs a mumpreneur, when I started working with Laura I was a real procrastinator.  As a result of having our second child who was 18 months old, having a massive house flood and my business shrinking by 50% my confidence had taken a plummet, I felt exhausted and overwhelmed with the prospect of growing my business.

My goals were:  

  • To grow the business other than through word of mouth
  • To get my unique story across
  • To understand social Media
  • To start blogging
  • To be invited to speak at conferences
  • To develop downloads e.g. worksheets
  • To write E-Books

Laura  helped me recreate my website, develop a new logo, start writing updates on facebook and tweeting, she developed a fantastic E-course which is ten easy no nonsense steps which I read and re-read and applied to my business.   She also nominated me for an award which was a massive confidence boost.  In addition she has encouraged me to continue writing my book which can be a lonely business and has gained some great contacts for me!


  • My business has grown via social media
  • My unique story is clear
  • I love social media and am a guest blogger on several online parenting magazines
  • I have been invited to speak at conferences
  • I have downloadable material on my website
  • My first book will be published early next year!

I believe Laura’s secrets are that she is a working mum and shares some of her challenges with clients which makes us realise we are not alone, she is 100% confident with social media and helps clients to use it to increase their business, she is very creative and encouraging and one of her favourite phrases are “try it and if it doesn’t work just try something else!”

Registered office address: Educate Business Ltd, Abbey House, Manor Road, Coventry CV1 2FW. Company Number: 8199030
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