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If you are looking to increase your credibility and media exposure entering awards is brilliant for this. Not sure what to put or how to answer the questions then let me enter them for you.

My awards list:

Finalist for BT Business Grant Competition 2009

Shortlisted for Remote Worker Awards 2010

Shortlisted for Business Parent of the Year from Mum and Working Awards 2010 and 2011

Winner of Women on their Way Awards 'Start Up' Category 2010

Shortlisted for Nectar Small Business Awards for 'Online Business of the Year' 2011

Shortlisted for 'Business Mum of the Year' with MumsClub 2012

Winner of Achievers Academy for Women Awards ‘Network of Networks’ Category 2012

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Registered office address: Educate Business Ltd, Abbey House, Manor Road, Coventry CV1 2FW. Company Number: 8199030
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