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Nov 14 2012 @ 10:00
Super Sales Skills Workshop

Advertising on a small budget E-Course

Advertising on a small budget E-Course


Quantity:  at  £9.99  each

Ever wondered how to advertise your business on a small budget?

Whether your are just starting out in business or you are growing, advertising and your strategy is one of the most important things to plan. Having a massive budget for advertising isn't normally accessible in a small business so I have developed this e-course to teach YOU how to advertise your business on a small budget.

Think low cost... To high impact..

This 12 week course will commence on the 1st of October 2012 and delivers you practical bite size tips and tricks, advice and knowledge on the following subjects;

1.) Networking - Covering; The differance between face to face and online, etiquette and how to pitch yourself

2.) Entering business awards - Covering; The best business awards to enter, how to write your entry and where to find them

3.) Press releases - Covering; Tips on how to write your own press releases, where to distribute them and how

4.) Articles - Covering; Writing articles and becoming an expert in your field

5.) Blogging - Covering; What to blog, how and why

6.) Webinars - Covering; How to do your own webinars and to who

7.) Facebook - Covering; Tips on gaining more 'likes' to your business page, how to interact and how to reach more people with your posts

8.) Twitter - Covering; Gaining more 'followers' what to tweet and tips to reach a wider audience

9.) LinkedIn - Covering; Getting your profile to 100%, making you more searchable and connecting with others

10.) Video's/YouTube - Covering; How to film you own video, editing and You Tube

11.) Media requests - Covering; Where to find media requests and how to respond

12.) Marketing materials - Covering; What should be on my marketing material and why?

Each subject will be delivered straight to your inbox weekly for 12 weeks, allowing you to learn about each subject at a time that suits you.

I have priced this course at an amazing price of only £9.99 for all 12 subjects! This seriously is NOT to be missed! BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE NOW!

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