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New Business Start-Up's

Are you thinking of starting a business?

Starting a business can be a very daunting time but don't let that put you off! I come across so many people with great business ideas but they aren't sure how to put them into practice and the idea of pulling the ideas together can be frightening to say the least.

I have been self-employed for six years now and even though it has been a rollercoaster of a ride with up's and down's along the way it certainly has been thrilling to say the least. Below are my 10 steps to help you create your own business:


  1. Think of a name and the structure of your company. Will you want to be a sole-trader or maybe Ltd? Register with the HMRC and let them know that you are now self-employed.
  2. You may want to carry out some market research to evaluate your business. Try SurveyMonkey which allows you to create your own survey questions and answers. You can then easily share the link with friends and family to collect the results.
  3. Now you have a name you need to check and register your domain name. Try Namesco to see if yours is available and have a think about whether you want to be or .com.
  4. Online presence is huge nowadays so you may want to think about a website. Depending on what you need there are a good amount of user friendly platforms which allow you to create, build and edit your own website. If you are looking for an affordable but proffesionaly option then click here.
  5. Designing your logo. Having a good, bright and eye-catching logo is very important for your brand. Have a think about what you want it to represent. A logo design will set you back around £25-£50 and we can help! Email us for more information!
  6. Create your business cards. Business Cards are a great way to start shouting about your business and are great for passing them through friends and family and to take to any networking events. Vistaprint normally have some great offers on and you can usually apply to get 100 free to start with.
  7. Keep track off your accounts. When you become self-employed you have two options either to do your own tax return or employ an accountant. In the first stages you may not need the added expense of an accountact but do remember to keep track of all your expenses and sales on a spreadsheet as this will be crucial to your trading figures and how much tax you pay. If you want some free advice, do contact Mark at Fox Evans and quote 'Educate Business'
  8. Get ready to launch. Nowadays, with portals like Facebook and Twitter, marketing dosen't have to be expensive. Prior to launching a good idea is to also contact your local newspapers and radio stations in you area with a Press Release to let them know of your new business.
  9. Network. Look for local Networking groups in your area to start connecting with like minded people. Try searching here for events local to you.
  10. Join my 'New Business Start Up' ECourse, which includes weekly subjects delivered to your inbox on how to start your own business and at an affordable cost. Click here for more information.

We have recently teamed up with Fox Evans and produced a great publication called 'Business Launchpad' to help businesses take off within the Warwickshire area.


We have approached a number of selected local Warwickshire Businesses to publicise their business services and products in this publication. Each contributor has its own page, showing how their product or service can benefit new or young businesses, and in some cases, a top tip, or voucher for discounted services.

We hope you find our publication useful, and would welcome feedback, or enquiries if your business can help new start ups to get off the ground.

Above all, we wish you every success with your business venture, and welcome you warmly to the world of entrepreneurship!

Laura Morris and Mark McLean

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