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Time Management

timemanagement"Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Leonardo da Vinici, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein" H. Jackson Brown

No matter how many people I come across in business there always seems to be one united problem that they all seem to face and that is TIME! How many times have you heard someone say "I wish there were more hours in the day?!"

I am a single mum to my daughter so time management and how I deal with my days is very important so that we can run as smoothly as possible. I plan and dedicate myself to each bit of time during the day using certain tools along the way to help me.

Each of us have the same amount of  time per day but it is what we do with it that matters. It is understanding what are our priorities in our life and how we can deal with them in a more effective way. Also understanding our goals will help us prioritze what is most important to us.

A few months ago, I created my 'Weekly Planner' that allows people to block out manageable chunks of time and to keep focused. The planner is available as a download and can be printed and re-used as many times as you want and it also includes my top tips on managing time.


As an added service, I am now offering 'Time Management Sessions' on a 1:1 basis where we analyse your work and other time commitments using my tools to help you become more effective and achieve more. The sessions last 30 minutes and can be carried out via Skype, Phone, or Face to Face in the Midlands. I am rolling out this new service at an introductory price of only £10 AND that includes a copy of my Weekly Planner and Top Tips worth £5!

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Registered office address: Educate Business Ltd, Abbey House, Manor Road, Coventry CV1 2FW. Company Number: 8199030
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